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How to Deploy Statamic

There are many ways to deploy a Statamic website and I will show you the most common ways, to save yourself a lot of time.

Before deploying itself, we need to prepare your page properly and will setup automated workflows.

Whats in for you?

This tutorial will show how to deploy your Statamic page in different ways. Let me share my knowledge with you to avoid the errors I made and to save yourself a lot of time.

Speed Optimizations

Server Setup w. Forge

Server Setup w. Ploi

Automated deployments w. GitHub Actions

Image Optimization

Separate content from config

Caching methods

Different stages

Static Site Generation

Git Integration

And more ...

How much is the fish?

This tutorial will pay itself, as it does save yourself a lot of time in the future.

Lifetime Access

If you buy this course, you will have lifetime access to those videos and updates I make.

This course is still in the making. New videos will follow every week, until every named topic has been covered.


  • No hidden costs

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What to expect?

About this course

There are so many ways to deploy a website that it may be intimidating already.

Before deploying: How to optimize your images? Should they be cached? Pregenerated? If so, how?

Should you choose Statamics half-measure caching? Would full caching be better? What is the difference? Why not use the Static Site Generator (SSG)?

But which hoster to choose to run your Statamic page? How to prepare the server? How to create a dev- and a production stage?

There are so many questions to ask!

I won't start with Linux basics, and we won't set up a server ourself from scratch. I am no DevOps expert.

What I offer is a ton of experience from many agency clients and my personal projects, where I went through more setups with more mistakes than I would have wished for.

My experience is what I have to offer to save yourself a lot of time. We will look into widely used tools from the community like Laravel Forge or Ploi to set up the server. There are still a few things you need to know, which we will cover.

From there on, we will optimize an example website and host this page multiple ways with automated workflows, so you can focus on the more important stuff.

As a result of this tutorial, I want to show many tools and ways to deploy, so you can pick from that toolbox what you need for your next project.

The combination of Jonas's firm grasp of Statamic's inner workings and detailed communication skills make this course a no-brainer.

Jack McDade - Found of Statamic
Jack McDade
Founder of Statamic

The Laravel ecosystem and tooling can be a bit overwhelming. Jonas has a lot of expertise in this field. His patience and attention to detail make him the perfect host for learning how to deploy Statamic. Highly recommended!

Rob de Kort - Father of Peak
Rob de Kort
Father of Peak

Frequently asked questions

Questions. Frequently asked ones. Plus our answers. That's how FAQs work.

Will we setup a server from scratch?
No, but I will show you how Forge or Ploi can handle that for you.
Do I need GitHub?
You don't need to, but I would suggest using it as it is free and widely used in the community.
How many hours of content will this course contain?
I can't say that yet for sure, but it will exceed 5 hours. This is no guarantee though!
When will all videos be recored?
Hopefully, as soon as possible, but I can't set a date on it.
How much does it cost for teams?
Reach out and I am sure we can figure something out for your team!
Can I use GitLab instead?
Sure, feel free doing that, as GitLab is a great tool as well. Please be aware that I won't cover GitLab specifics. You can build the same Actions / Pipelines with GitLab, but the code is different and can't copy one to one.
Jonas Siewertsen from Statamic Tutorials

For years, I searched for a flexible, extendable and developer friendly Laravel-based CMS. Spoiler alert: I found Statamic and have enjoyed working with it ever since.

I have built many custom applications with Statamic and trained a team in doing the same. Additionally, I created popular Statamic addons. Recently I joined Der Spiegel to help them improve their massive Statamic site.

In case that isn't enought: I took a key part in holding the worldwide first Statamic conference Statameet online in 2021.

Jonas Siewertsen

Your video instructor