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Statamic Tutorials

During this course, I will share all my Statamic knowledge, starting with the basics and ending with a deep dive into the Holy Statamic Core.

You will find more than 3 hours of free Statamic content to step up your Statamic knowledge.

Ready to dive in? Start learning today.

Statamic Tutorials

I will share everything I know about Statamic with you.

There are much more things you can do with Statamic and Laravel than any documentation could ever contain.

Those are the courses already available to you and which are free to watch. There are listed some courses I might do in the future as well.

Setup your Mac

Basics first: Let's start with a solid development foundation by setting up your Mac from scratch.

How to deploy Statamic

This premium course will show how to deploy your Statamic page in different ways and how to optimize it for production.

Quick Tips

Some short and (hopefully) helpful tips, from random Statamic areas. Take a look if something interesting is available for you.

Build a website from scratch with Statamic

Let's build a website and learn Statamic 3.3. How does it work? How to structure a project, working with templates and blueprints.

Extend Statamic

Statamic is beeing loved by developers, as it's so flexible and great to extends: Building own Tags or modifiert, implementing third party APIs, building own frontend Widgets etc ... there is soooo much to explore!

Build a Statamic addon

You wanted to develop your own Addon to reuse it in multiple project or to sell it on the marketplace. Let me help to get you started with addon development.

Jonas Siewertsen from Statamic Tutorials

For years, I searched for a flexible, extendable and developer friendly Laravel-based CMS. Spoiler alert: I found Statamic and have enjoyed working with it ever since.

I have built many custom applications with Statamic and trained a team in doing the same. Additionally, I created popular Statamic addons. Recently I joined Der Spiegel to help them improve their massive Statamic site.

In case that isn't enought: I took a key part in holding the worldwide first Statamic conference Statameet online in 2021.

Jonas Siewertsen

Your video instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all courses free?
The basic courses will always stay free.
If I sign up, will I be bombarded with emails?
I don't like newsletters, nor lots of emails, so any email I send will be short.